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Your donation of any amount will directly impact and better the lives of the canines we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

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We're Hungry: Donate for Food

Donate for blankets and bedding

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so all donations are tax deductible. 


These dogs need YOUR help now. Any amount that you are able to comfortably give is so very much appreciated. We can't do this alone. It takes a village as they say. 


Not everyone can provide the same service that we do, but everyone who has the heart to do so can contribute to

the cause and be a part of the bigger picture.


These are some examples of how your donation can help on an individual level:

$5 can provide a month supply of multivitamins, a personalized tag, or a new toy.

$10 can provide a small dog bed or blanket, dewormer medication, or a 40oz container of treats.

$20 is enough to cover a spay or neuter surgery, rabies vaccine and microchip. 


So you can see that even a small amount can make a difference and create a positive change. We just need enough people working together with us to create the change that we all want, and that is to protect these dogs that have been rescued from less than desirable circumstances, from any further harm. We need to work together to make sure that from now on they are given the love and care that they deserve. A dog isn't just an animal or a pet, it's a member of the family, and that is how it should be treated.

Rest assured that your donation will help make a big difference in these dogs lives for the better. 


You can also mail a check or in-kind donations to: 


K9 Rescue and Sanctuary

2385 SW 143rd Ct

Ocala, FL 34481


In-kind donations 


In-kind donations are encouraged and appreciated.  Supplies can be mailed directly to our mailing address in Ocala. 


Just some ideas on how you could help by providing us with in-kind donations:


We go through a lot of dog and puppy food so could really not get enough of that. We use Purina Dog Chow, Puppy Chow and Beneful IncrediBites for our smallest residents.  


The dogs enjoy beds & toys in various sizes, so whatever you choose would absolutely be put to good use. 


K9 Advantix II, is our monthly flea, tick and mosquito treatment of choice. The dogs really appreciate being kept free of fleas and ticks after we have done everything that we need to to make sure they are rid of them in the first place.


Let's not forget treats. We have our go-to's, but would love for them to have more of a variety. Whatever you would like to share with them I'm sure they would be more than happy to try.

Click on the Amazon icon to access our Wish List. 

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