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About Us

We are a nonprofit charitable organization doing our best to change the lives of as many dogs in need as we can. 


We do this by attempting to find temporary foster care or a furever home for dogs who otherwise would remain in an abusive situation, be put in a shelter or in the worst cases, euthanized.


Also, by providing sanctuary, a permanent safe place, when it seems that is in their best interest to do so.


In doing this we are able to help, not all, but as many as we are possibly able to. Making a difference and changing the lives of these dogs for the better. 


All of our dogs are nurtured and loved so they learn to trust and feel safe. They are provided with nutritious food and whatever supplements they may need to ensure their optimal physical health. We vet them and make sure they are up to date on vaccinations. They are rid of any parasites and given preventatives. 


We make sure they are microchipped, as well as provide them with their own collar and personalized tag with their name and emergency contact information. 


We spend time on the canine-human bond with the goal of finding furever homes for every adoptable dog in our care.

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